Sharing Sounds

It’s been a difficult few weeks… Few? Actually, I went out with my camera today for the first time in 4 months! I hope to share some shots from that very stunted outing, as I did my best to obey the revised lockdown requirements, with you later this week. However, I have spent some time sharing sounds with my Son and I’m going to share a couple of songs that he didn’t like very much. The overarching reason may have been that they were too sad although the first is perhaps too poignant a commentary on relationships. Here’s Peter Hammill…

And this one from Marillion was ahead of the game about climate change – it brings a tear to my eye every time and had the same effect on Alasdair…

….This terrible pandemic experience has given us a moment of pause, a chance to understand the effect our activites have on our planet and on our future as a species. We have the opportunity to fully understand and to step back from the precipice.  I just hope we take it!

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