Four Walls

Space is a Void

A freedom now denied

A place of distant memory

Without Space

Time has no Continuum

Dates are numbers

Hung on doors in a never-ending corridor

Today, yesterday, have little meaning

When you don’t know when they were

Four walls

An Event Horizon

Is it today?

And is today…


You see, I’ve sort of…


And in the Heisenberg of today

I guess we’ll always be uncertain


I can measure where I am

Or.. I can measure how fast

I am travelling down

That Corridor…

But I cannot know

Where all my coordinates are


I guess they’re somewhere..

2 metres from the nearest wall?


Martin Addison – 20/04/2020


    1. Thanks Amy 🙂 I’ve been living to a bit of an ill-defined clock since I retired anyway- aided by the multiple timezones of my computer games. But I’ve seen the effect it’s been having on others and the disconnect from reality is clearly there for many. Difficult times…

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