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This week Epi got a message from the NHS telling her that she must not go outside for 12 weeks as she is considered as ‘high risk’ because of her underlying health condition. So, she has to stay home for at least 3 months and I’m gonna have to do all the outdoor things while trying to minimise the risk of bringing in the virus from shopping, etc. For many of us – that’s being caught in a trap with no out. I’m sure you’re going to get bored. So here’s a thought if you’re struggling to keep yourself busy at home… Computer Games!

We’re having to spend time indoors and watch box-sets or, heaven-forbid, read books or possibly even talk to each other! Of Course, those ought to be enough – the read books and talk to each other was all there was when I was a kid! But the world has moved on by quantum steps since then 🙂 In our current ‘lockdown’ circumstances, computer games provide an almost unlimited opportunity to entertain or educate. They’ve been there to do that for quite a while now and maybe it’s the right time to take full advantge of the resource they offer.

You’re probably wondering if you’ve come to the right post – it’s about trucks and simulation isn’t it.. right?? Yes, this is Trucking Digest and we’re going to talk about driving in a major global crisis!

On 30th of March SCS Software announced a new event for us regulars to take part in. Set to run until the 6th of April it was all about showing our support for the real world truckers, out there delivering in the face of Coronavirus, whilst underlining the need for non-essential workers to stay at home. Called #TruckAtHome on twitter, it drew an immediate response from the community. It’s fair to say that we drove our hearts out over that 7 day period, consistently tweeting images with the #TruckAtHome tag to highlight the need for people to #StayHomeSaveLives. I personally drove over 34000 Kilometers in-game and was frankly very tired come monday night when I did my last run in American Truck Simulator from Los Angeles to Pendleton. The community achieved over 584 Million Kilometers! I hope we got our message across to the wider populace! Simultaneously, tied to our community effort, SCS donated money to charities working in the fight against the virus in their area and their mobile team went out delivering to local hospitals. I saw one person ask the question – why am I doing this for people in the Czech Republic. He’s a kid and so can be forgiven – the explanation is simple – help in any location helps us all globally because we are all in this together.

The driving campaign resulted in me finally resurrecting Rolled Gold in American Truck……and giving her a personal trailer. I also, as a result of something else that I was doing (remember those Frac Tanks for the final achievement in the last post?) decided to get a Freightliner Argosy – I’d like you to meet Monster……and she growls like a monster with the Cummins Signature 600HP engine 🙂

In Europe, most of the driving was handled by a new MAN TGX – no names or pack-drill in my European company. Here she is wearing the company blue with the special logo for the event…

One of my younger trucking colleagues from Serbia has been asking me to get a Renault Premium – apparently that’s his favourite because they’re rare in his country… Np, Happy to oblige – here’s a Renault Premium in the standard blue of the special paint job released for the event by SCS.

I hope you’re all keeping well, keeping safe, staying inside (as much as going for essential items allows). Keep the shiny side up!


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