Outside My Office

My life, like many other people’s, is currently very much ‘indoors’. And a lot of that life is spent in a virtual ‘outdoors’ via Truck and Hunting simulations. However, there is always the window on the world outside and nature is gearing up for the birth of new life. Birds and animals are pairing up and some already have young. There’s a lot of activity to watch and sometimes photograph. Let me share a few photos from last week.

The Tits have been very active with Blue’s and Great’s coming to my window sill. Here is one of the Blue Tit’s that happily flitted back and forth despite me sitting right next to the window…

The Robin is a little more circumspect, watching with care before making a lightning fast smash & grab…

The Squirrels come every day at various times and, if the food has been hoovered up by the Feral and Wood Pigeons, sometimes tap on the window and look through the glass at me. I’m not sure how much they can actually see – they certainly see nowhere near as well as the Pigeons who observe my every move no matter how far back from the window I am! Here’s one of my regular Squirrel visitors approaching to get some nuts I’ve just put out…

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