Sharing Sounds

I shared Blowin’ Cool by Swervedriver with Alasdair a few months back. He now tells me that he’s been listening to a lot of other tracks by them 🙂 If you are of a ‘no loud music’ disposition, don’t play the track. If you want to hear some interesting lyrics then you’ve come to the right place… I think the words ‘Without a watch you get to know the time – is right for crime…’ are so telling – an excellent track – Enjoy 🙂


  1. Perhaps it’s an international exception or my old computer, which is probably the culprit, but I couldn’t play the track. I will check the music out through other sources, however, if I can. I have enjoyed the artists and cuts you’ve previously shared. I enjoy your eclectic taste, Martin. 🙂

    1. That’s odd Debra – Now you’ve got me scratching my head trying to think what might be stopping it from playing. You should be able to find the track on the YouTube site and hopefully it willl play from there.

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