Me, a while back……Taken for a work passcard and a little out of date – some of the wrinkles have gone since I retired 😉

Happily looking at me taking his photo is Dan, my Apprentice in Photography at Wingate & Finchley……I must send him a copy as he likes photos of himself (an unusual trait in a photographer!) Although he joined the club as a photographer, he’s currently working with the Media Team. As I tell him, it’s all good experience to put on his cv 🙂

I always like to catch candid images – all the better if there’s a touch of humour. Here’s The Groundsman, Chairman and Vice Chairman closely scrutinising the match……Of course, if they were standing pitchside it’d be easier to see what’s going on 😉

Getting down to business, Peter the Kitman and Gav, goalkeeping coach…

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Like a Bargain? – Like giving to a good cause? Well, now’s your chance…

Computer gaming has, from the days of Band Aid – in the form of Soft Aid – often provided a means for people to give to charities while buying a game they want to play. I can think of several indie games that actually donate a small amount from each sale to a charity. One common beneficiary is War Child, but the WWF and Red Cross / Red Crescent and Medicins Sans Frontiers also come to mind. There is a computer games online vendor called Humble where you can support charities by purchasing certain games.

The disaster of the Australian Bush Fires has captured attention worldwide – the scale of the devastation is beyond belief. The Humble store has put together a special pack for Australia Fire Relief. You get access keys on Steam for 29 games. One of those is Euro Truck Simulator 2 along with the Australian Paint Jobs DLC… Here’s my Scania wearing a fetching Aboriginal Art paint scheme from that pack…There are some other highly acclaimed games in the pack – Machinarium, Hollow Knight, Armello and Void Bastards (pardon my language) – so you’re really getting a bargain! It’s available for another 3 days. Please consider buying a pack 🙂