Trucking Digest

In the last Digest I mentioned the start of the annual Christmas Event on SCS Software’s truck sims. The theme this year was Giving and the premise was that we had to deliver gifts from cities to other cities. For every 1000 deliveries made by the community from a city, a star was awarded up to a maximum of 5 stars. This was an interesting twist on the normal requirement to make a certain number of deliveries as there was no point in taking gifts from a city that had already reached its quota. Cities in the core European Truck Simulator map area very quickly got all their stars, making it more and more difficult to find routes that would add to the total deliveries from other cities and to find jobs going to cities that still needed to make deliveries. Most of France eventually got done and so did Scandinavia but a number of cities in southern Italy, the Baltic States and the new Black Sea map never achieved their quota. This is a factor of the DLC system – not all players own all the new maps so fewer were able to complete deliveries in those areas.

In American Truck Simulator, the story was a little different. There is a smaller player base than ETS2 but most players have been buying all the map expansions. As a result, instead of a core area being quickly completed, we saw cities along the main interstates being completed first – Los Angeles, Flagstaff, Albuquerque for example. But there were always plenty of other places needing to deliver their gifts. Once again, there were cities that never achieved their quota – the likes of El Centro and Tonopah which only have single farming industries naturally were rarely available as options to deliver to and therefore didn’t get visited to deliver from.

The event ran from 17/12/2019 to 15/01/2020. In that time the community achieved 1300 stars. We made over 2.5 million deliveries between us with nearly 320 thousand taking part. My personal contribution was 123 deliveries, 59 in ETS2 and 64 in ATS. I also did 27 positioning deliveries of other goods to overcome the issue of moving from cities that no longer needed to send gifts. Add in 2 other moves to facilitate changing trucks and my total moves during the event was 152. In ETS2, 4 different trucks of mine took part – The Renault T in Renault Racing Livery……My DAF – which holds the company title for most deliveries in the event of 37……My 625HP heavy haul Mercedes which is normally based in Limoges for the marble quarries there……and the latest addition to the fleet – my Scania R580 which is destined to be based in Florence for the quarry works there…

In ATS 5 trucks took part. Our 1st International LoneStar took the first deliveries……Before handing over to Kenny – our Kenworth K100……Autumn Gal took over and did most jobs of the Republik Trucking effort with 23……She handed over to Ol’Dawg, our Mack R……before Scarlett, the longest serving truck in the fleet came on duty to complete the last days of the event…

So that was the Christmas Event done and dusted for another year. It was great fun and also quite challenging! If you want to read more details of the event and the community effort, please see the SCS Blog Post. Keep the shiny side up everyone 🙂

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