Sharing Sounds

I’ve shared a number of pieces of music from my Son with you as he finds his way in the world (along with some of my own faves). But tonight I’m sharing a track from one of my Virtual Trucking friends 🙂 Enjoy this wonderful music…

…It’s true to say that music crosses language barriers – that’s just lovely!


  1. I saved this Youtube to my list because I really enjoyed this artist, Martin. This is really special, and I’m intrigued with the artist. I don’t think I ever told you but months ago there was a piece you’d shared from a video game and I think you referenced Alasdair as introducing you to it. I listened and enjoyed it, and sometime “down the road” I heard it again on some form of commercial entertainment. I don’t now recall more specifics, but I was so thrilled that I could recognize it at all. Keep sharing. 🙂

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