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Well – I had hoped to be fitting in a post or two about other games or with some photography but…

Hot on the heels of the Renault T being released into Euro Truck Simulator – and this post will have to serve as the promised review of that truck – On Tuesday SCS announced on social media that the World of Trucks servers were coming down for maintenance. Experience tells us that this signals a community event. They happen a few times each year, sometimes specific to ETS2 or American Truck and sometimes both games. Sure enough, when the servers came back up, we had a new event to take part in. However, this was an event with a difference. We were going to drive for a charitable cause 🙂 The chosen cause was Breast Cancer and full details of the charity bodies to initially receive donations can be found on SCS Software’s Blog. All I can say is Wow SCS – What a great idea!

Needless to say, the community responded very positively and got stuck in straight away. By the time SCS hosted a twitch-stream that afternoon, over 5000 copies of the dlc’s giving the special paint jobs for the event had already been sold and over 130k deliveries had been completed towards the 1 million total target. Bearing in mind that this is mid-week, I would expect activity to peak from Friday to Monday when our fellow virtual truckers who can’t drive during the week are active. So hopefully there will be many more DLC’s sold then and lots of money made for the charities.

We’ve been encouraged to also highlight Breast Cancer Awareness Month on social media using our trucking screenshots from this event, in the hope that it will also bring this cause to a wider audience. So, here’s some shots from my participation. Firstly the Renault T in Europe…

…and now, the Peterbilt 389 in America…

I completed my personal goal of 12 deliveries last night – 6 each in ETS2 and ATS. As usual, I will now continue to deliver the special cargoes to help the community complete its delivery target – as will a lot of fellow drivers I know on Twitter. That’s why SCS often refer to us as the Best Community 🙂

My Peterbilt 389 will retain her Maroon metallic Ribbon paint job…

The Renault T has reverted to our company metallic Blue but retains the Breast Cancer Ribbon of Hearts and gets the hanging boxing gloves as a souvenir of her involvement…

What about the Renault T? This is a beautifully modelled truck with a very distinctive engine sound. One of my twitter colleagues has driven the type IRL and reckons the sounds are accurate. The gear ratios combined with the 480HP engine I selected seem well suited to the mix of european roads for normal cargoes. I’m really enjoying driving it – and it will be one of the mainstays of my fleet 🙂

At the time of posting the community had achieved over 250k deliveries 🙂 Keep the shiny side up!


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