The new football season is finally underway for Wingate & Finchley and Manager, Steve Clarke. The last few weeks have seen upheaval with a number of new players joining the squad. Many of them are young, although one older head has been brought in. We have retained several of the longer serving members of the team such as Ahmet and Tee-Jay but sadly we have said goodbye to Rob Laney, and Ola. I will miss them both very much although we’ll be keeping in touch via twitter. In Ola’s case we’ll also meet up in the league as he has found a spot with Cheshunt FC πŸ™‚ Also departing after the first match of the season was Charlie Cole – Sad to see him go too.

Our first match was away to Bowers & Pitsea who are newly promoted to the division. The wind contrived to make it a dour match that was brightened by a beautiful 25yd strike from new player Olu – scoring a goal on his debut and one of that quality saw a deserved celebration……Meanwhile Ahmet was able to renew aquaintance with ex-Wingate players Quentin Monville and (looking on) David Knight……David was to score an equaliser for Bowers in the second half and the overall consensus was that 1-1 was a fair result for both sides.

On Tuesday evening we were at home to Kingstonian. On the 3rd minute it was Tee-Jay’s turn to strike a screamer to give us the lead – something that I was not in a position to get anything of although I did get a photo of Ahmet and Olu running to congratulate him!..…and that was almost Ahmet’s last action in the game – he was sent off for a second bookable offence after three rash challenges. That left the ten men with 70 minutes of defending to do. One of the strikers had to be sacrificed to shore up the midfield, so Tony Mendy was withdrawn and Tanasheh came on. Early in the second half Sean Cronin contrived to mis-direct a header back to Shane Gore in goal – putting it just inside the top corner out of the keepers reach – at which point Kingstonian were level. But despite their best efforts they were unable to force a winner with great defensive work by W&F – here’s Luke dealing with one of their attempts with Shane and Sean watching on……Then, in the 5th minute of Injury time (Don’t know where the Ref got that amount from!), Kingstonian had a great chance to win the game with this shot……Only for Gorey to get down and make a very smart save……And that was that – another 1-1 draw. If I were Kingstonian I’d be concerned that we had to score an own goal to get them back to level terms! And I really must remind Sean to hoof the ball over the Lido in future πŸ˜‰

After last season and all the changes, two draws is not a bad start especially as Kingstonian have been widely predicted to be in the playoff’s. As for Bowers & Pitsea – they looked well organised and are not going to be easy pickings for anyone. Our season continues with a home game against Bognor Regis on Saturday – another difficult game. Lets hope we can get something out of that one too!

Here we are back behind the wheel and riding towards new maps that are coming for both ETS2 and ATS. There were unannounced deployments to both games yesterday which may only be bug fixes but could also include preparatory work for these map releases. In Euro truck we’re expecting some more of the eastern European countries including Romania, Bulgaria and european Turkey. American truck will finally see the state of Utah – often predicted as the next state but previously subverted by New Mexico, Oregon and Washington!

This week, with The Hunter COTW taking quite a bit of my time and a short term special event in Euro Truck, I fitted in a couple of drives in ATS. The first was north from Ehrenberg to Winnemucca. This entailed driving east to Kingman to pick up Route 93 up and over the Hoover Dam to Las Vegas whose evening lights and sights we were able to enjoy as we passed through……From Las vegas we picked up Route 95 and made our way up to Beatty where we pulled into the rest area for the night. Here we are creeping through the town looking for the darn thang!…

Next morning and refreshed we continued up the 95 to Tonopah. Now, I don’t drive this route very often. As the only town with a delivery point between ‘Vegas and Winnemucca, Tonopah rarely appears on my available manifests. Most of my jobs either take me up the main interstates in California or I’m continuing up the east side of Nevada on route 93 to Ely and Elko. So the road less used becomes less familiar. Even so, there were quite a few bits along the route that looked new and when I got to Tonopah I didn’t recognise the place! The SCS Software mapping teams have clearly been back in there improving the standard once again. The new road layout is now true to the real road layout at Tonopah where we divert off the 95 and pick up the 376…… SCS’s willingness to go back into existing maps and improve them for free is a welcome change from the gaming norm and to be applauded.

A swap onto Route 50 and a quick refuelling stop in what I take to be Austin (another improvement waiting to happen?)… …before picking up the 305 to Battle Mountain and driving on to Winnemucca from there – Job done. There is a certain irony that having not driven that route for a long time, my very next job should take me back down the same trail as I took a load of Ethane all the way across to Farmington in New Mexico. I doubt that, when we get the state of Utah, a run from Winnemucca to Farmington will go anywhere near Tonopah and this route will become even more of a road less travelled! Here we are on the return journey, about to take a break at that seedy rest area in Beatty…

I mentioned at the start a special event in Euro Truck. There is a new Goodyear Tyres dlc and the event was to announce it and to give the community an opportunity to get it for free. All you had to do was carry out 10 deliveries of the special trailers but you only had 4 irl days to do it. Here is my Renault on my first delivery. Anyone spot an issue?……Yes – conflict of interests with Monsieur Bibendum of rival tyre manufacturer Michelin on display! So, at the earliest opportunity I popped into the DAF dealer in Bordeaux and bought an XF 105.460 – passing the Renault on to an employee. Here are some shots from the rest of the event in the new ‘non-partisan’ DAF…

Hope you enjoyed that quick look at what’s been going on in my Trucking world. Who knows, maybe the next Digest will be about a new map release? Keep the shiny side up everyone πŸ™‚

…Well that should be pretty obvious as sadly this Moose has been shot – an amazing last pose. But this post is about me and why I might be a little less active currently than I would like.

I have Hypertension. Both my parents had it, so it’s a genetic condition. Up until three months ago it was under good control using three different medicines. Then, on a routine check up at the Dentist, I was told that I would need get the Doctor to take me off one of them because one of the side effects was kicking in – swollen gums with increased risk of tooth loss. Ironically, this coincided with the drugs manufacturers removing the tablet version from the market anyway (causing absolute mayhem if the chat I had with the Doc today is anything to go by!).

So – we find ourselves in a laboratory of sorts as the Doctor tries to find a suitable new mix of Hypertension medicines to fill in the gap created by the one that I can no longer take. We’ve tried a couple of different options, so far to no avail, and today I find myself with another pill to try over the next month. It’s very hard to explain the feeling of disappointment each time that an option we try doesn’t work. The most reassuring thing about today’s meeting with the Doctor is that she clearly is every bit as disappointed as I am.

To add to the downers, the week just gone was a sequence of Doctor, Dentist, Hospital. I hate going to the Dentist – I’d rather fly a plane through a thunder storm! – but fortunately the young lady Dentist has the patience of Job and I survived the preparatory work for a crown that will need to be fitted after I broke a tooth. Cheeky girl said I should stop chewing toffee – I broke it eating Granola! πŸ˜‰ Then it was a trip to the Vampires on Friday – The good news from that visit… My kidney function is excellent but I need to eat a couple more bananas!

Oh the joys of getting a little older… πŸ™‚