You Have Been Warned…

…or Advised? In the previous post I spoke about all the new road signage coming in American Truck Simulator with the v1.35 updates. So lets take a look at a few of them.

A few updates back we started seeing vehicles slowing when there were Police with lights on at the side of the highway or other incidents such as broken down vehicles. It caught me out the first couple of times it happened! I did some research and found out that in Texas the law requires a change of lane where Officers are at the side of the road. Now we have signage on our ATS Interstates. This one is on I-8 near Eloy…

Welcome to California 😉 Just across the border from Arizona here’s a reminder that not wearing your seat belt is a Primary offense in California which means that the Bears will bite you – in Arizona it’s a secondary offense……The sign beyond tells drivers of Trucks or vehicles with trailers that they must drive in the right hand lane except when passing.

A standard array of signs on the I-5 slip road – the ‘Report Drunk Drivers’ one is new to the game though…

Up on route 160 we find this advisory sign. I guess it gets pretty chill up there on The Navajo Trail…

Not quite signage, but a new style of highway maintenance hardware – cool portable lights!..

Finally, on the switchback I-17 going south between Flagstaff and Phoenix we find new warning signs regarding the use of brakes on the long sweeping descents – I was lucky as the truck I was driving on a hire job had a retarder which was able to control the speed without using the brake pedal 🙂 …

So – lot’s of new road signs appearing in ATS and yet more great work by the SCS Software team.


  1. It’s interesting to me to learn, through your reporting, what you think of the signage. “Report Drunk Driving” is very common. I always laugh a little only because in general there are so many poor drivers how would I know if they’ve been drinking? 🙂

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