Something from My Son

We’ve had some shared music sessions recently and I thought I’d pass on a couple of items that Alasdair has played me.

First up, here is a section of music from the game Destiny 2. I’ve now heard most of the soundtrack to this game and I think that it is only a matter of time before, just like film scores, we start hearing soundtracks from games at the Proms! This track is called Gunslinger…

And, on a very different note – a real mix of ideas in this EDM piece by RIOT…

As it’s always a play and share session, here’s one of mine to provide some balance between the previous, very different, pieces…

Hope you enjoyed 🙂


  1. Very interesting and quite nice, Martin. Music is always a wonderful way for people to come together across generations, and when within families the music is shared, the benefits are great. I never thought of the soundtrack accompanying gaming! It is a fascinating idea that the music could hold enjoyment beyond the game itself. But why not? This was an education. Thank you!

    1. The music in a game may only be used to build atmosphere in much the same way as a film score. The player may not even be aware of it as they concentrate on scything down the baddies! So quite a few games now include the musical score as a separate file in the deluxe editions or as a purchaseable dlc. Unfortunately, I don’t think you can get the music separate from the game – but that could be a nice side product should the games publishers realise there’s a potential market!

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