Digital World

It’s lonely out here.. in a digital world
No real-world cues to guide
Just – often dodgy – instinct for what may
Be fun, exciting or just plain click-bait
for friends and strangers in the
Digital world…

I watch videos… another YouTube exposé
People posting their pain
exposing their hate
reflecting the hate of others
showing AAA gaming as poison
AAAh! – so that’s where it is…

It’s funny how blogging is
or vlogging for that matter
me and You – we disagree or
we find some common ground
We chat, we discuss and we form opinions
All without meeting

I know you
and yet I don’t
we are all strangers
despite being friends
I know the face you present
but of that face I know nothing
Is that all that is the Digital World?

Martin Addison – 14/05/2019






  1. Wow, Martin. I read this a couple of times letting the meaning soak in. I’m very moved. I often have some of the same thoughts and questions, to be honest, but I’ve not shared those thoughts at all. I’m so glad you did. And so beautifully.

    1. I guess we recognise that computers and the internet have changed our world possibly more than anything else in our lifetimes Debra. Without them I doubt that you and I would have touched base 🙂 The internet itself is such a great resource as long as you approach it with a measure of scepticism. When I research for computing hardware I have a short-list of trusted reviewers. The same is true of games and software. There’s currently a rising tide of dissatisfaction with some major games publishers – the makers of the Triple-A titles mentioned in my verse. It may be that many hardcore gamers will boycott games from the likes of EA, Activision and Bethesda because of increasing in-game monetisation – You may be aware of Senator Josh Hawley’s anti-Loot Box (Gambling) bill. Needless to say – the big publishers are fighting hard to prevent that becoming law. There is a lot of anger out there about that and the way that often unfinished games are now delivered on release date. The words ‘Games as a Service’ really get the anger flowing amongst gamers – look it up if you have the time. I’m just glad that my favourite games tend to avoid these bad behaviours 🙂

    1. Thanks Nancy 🙂 Just read your step ladder tale – no wonder you’re not feeling 100% this morning even if it was a few days back!

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