Early Bees

The May is out and so are the Bees. A visit to Long Lane Pasture allowed me to photograph a Grey-haired Mining Bee…… and Andrena nitida……Both feeding on Hawthorn.

Meanwhile a Common Carder Bee was feeding on Common Vetch……with apologies for the slight blur – she was a busy-bee 😉

Finally, I found a Honey Bee swarm in a low area of Brambles……Disturbing a swarm is not a good idea. Fortunately I always have a close eye on where I’m putting my feet for fear of hurting some creature when I’m out photographing nature and I move slowly. In the circumstances I retraced my steps equally slowly 😉


    1. Thanks very much Debra 🙂 The real skill is in stalking the insect and being able to focus manually. Good light is essential as a low ISO is best because each image, even with a 150mm Macro Telephoto, will be a crop of a part of the frame. It’s not like photographing mammals 😉

      I tweeted the photo of the swarm to Long Lane Pasture and was thanked by the Bee-keeper for letting them know 🙂

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