Trucking Digest

After last weeks quick look at Warframe, which I will be posting more about, we’re back in Truck Simulator. Last time I was showing off the Euro6 MAN TGX for our general haul fleet. In the end I couldn’t resist getting a version for our heavy haul division. This is the 640HP 8×4 model. I have done a few runs with her and she’s not as un-manoeuvrable as you might expect. Here she is on her first revenue earning run… Ideally she would normally be exclusively used on loads over 25t but sometimes you have to do fill-in jobs like this run down to Bologna with 23t of beverages… But here she is doing what she was bought for – shifting 60t of special cargo from Linz to Brno with an escort…
..It seems we made the TV news in Wien with our oversized industrial condenser 😉

For these photos she’s finished in a special Performance livery which was available as a mod in the Steam Workshop. Unfortunately the mod providing that livery and also the 100 years of MAN bus and Truck that my other Euro6 TGX was painted in has been removed from the Workshop so both trucks are back in their base liveries again of metallic blue and red. That’s the issue with mods – sometimes they get removed from circulation by the author. They may reappear in the future.

In American Truck I’ve been doing a little old school trucking in the Freightliner FLB. Here she is on a run from Santa Cruz (CA) to Newport (OR), passing through San Francisco on the way, with a light load of new cars…

I intend to do some more old school in Europe too, so that’s something for the next Digest. Have a great day everyone 🙂

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