The Other Save Slot

Some of you will recall the days when your computer had twin floppy-disc drives. You put a floppy containing the game code in one drive and you saved your progress to a different floppy in the other drive. How times have moved on in the past 35 years! Anyway, it seemed like a good title for my occasional posts about other games that I play instead of the regular Trucking Digest. Today I’m going to look at Warframe and I apologise if this post is lacking in the form of detail I’ve often built into my Digest posts. In truth I was struggling to think of how best to describe this game and cover its gameplay – so bear with me if this post is more screenshots than detailed substance.

Warframe is a free-to-play third-person shooter set in a Solar System of the very distant future. The game centres around missions with specific objectives and provides rewards that allow the player to improve their equipment. It offers a mix of play choices including Solo, With Friends and public. At lower levels you can do most missions solo but as you progress it will become more likely that cooperating with other players is a good choice. Released in 2013, the Developers originally offered the concept to several large games publishing houses but were turned away. They decided to go it alone and here we are six years down the road with a loyal fan base, a significantly expanded game with regular new content being delivered, and imitations of the game now being produced by those major publishers to varying degrees of success – Anthem comes to mind as I type this.

I’ll try a bit of game-lore here but I recommend a look on YouTube to get more in-depth and accurate details. There have been periods of control by two races called the Sentients and the Orokin. You are Tenno – a group of warriors who were created by the Orokin and provided with Warframes (armoured suits) during their war with the Sentients. Both are now destroyed and the Tenno played a part in the destruction of the Orokin when they turned against them. The first antagonists that you meet in game are the Grineer – these are remnants of Humans that rely on cloning to survive and are very militaristic. The other main antagonists are The Corpus – also human but more technology based.

Your first experience in game will be to escape from the clutches of the Grineer with help and guidance from The Lotus – a character who will be consistently with you to warn of dangers. In guiding you through the first missions, The Lotus acts as a form of tutorial. However, you’ll very quickly find that you are on your own and you will have to find your own way and make your choices about what you are going to do in game each day and that is the biggest issue that Warframe has – that jump from beginner to experienced player. When The Lotus lets go of the reigns, there’s no clear guidance as to what to do next. It was a failing that resulted in me ceasing to play in 2014 after around 6 months. I came back tentatively around Christmas last year and was impressed with the changes that had been made. I’ve found myself really enjoying the game again. My Son, by the way, has played throughout the period from 2013 until the present day although with some short breaks.

Here’s the Login screen on which you can see my ‘Excalibur’ Warframe in a suitably ninja-like pose. You choose your Warframe from three options offered at the start of the game. There are many more Warframes in the game and you can build or buy them (though you will need to use real money to do the latter)…
This is the view out of the window of my ship somewhere above Earth with two Grineer vessels……You’ll note that I can change the colours of my Warframe. Unfortunately, the ship is just a home between missions – you don’t get to fly it. In the first missions of the game you get to choose a main and secondary weapon along with a melee weapon. As you progress in the game more weapons become available. I’ve moved on a bit so here you see me in the ship’s armoury with the Boltor which is currently one of my favourite primary weapons…
An early quest (group of missions) will require you to obtain a Kubrow’s egg and hatch one. What is a Kubrow? Think Klingon Targ and you’ll be close. This will be a companion to help in your battles (although you can also get robotic companions too). Mine is called Leena. Here we are on ship……like all pets, Leena needs a bit of ‘me time’…

That’s a little introduction to Warframe. All you need is a mouse and keyboard to play on PC and there are versions on consoles too. You can check out the Digital Extremes Warframe site Here. I’ll try and show some of the worlds of the game in a future post πŸ™‚


  1. I have never been good at any of the games. I think I’m too impatient with the “learning curve,” but I am fascinated with the graphic detail and can see how engaging this one must be. Do you play with Alasdair?

    1. Hi Debra – I think the learning curve in this game, even with newly introduced daily challenges would still be steep and I sympathise with your ‘lack of patience’ πŸ™‚ I think you’d be better off trying out American Truck Simulator – You drive IRL so the only learning would be what keys do what on your keyboard!

      Most games have wonderful graphics. Some of the places in Warframe are beautiful and some are really eerie. The soundtrack includes some background noises that add to the creepy atmosphere especially when you’re on a Grineer ship or in an industrial facility. I have played the occasional mission with Alasdair – being younger he’s a bit quicker around the keyboard than me and therefore his Warframe is more agile in-game. Hope you enjoyed meeting Leena by the way?

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