So, it’s February 14th. That day when almost all of us men would like to slink away to a corner and don our headphones to avoid the inevitable burning of the ears for not buying a card, chocolates, flowers, etc… Actually that’s not quite how it is, though we guys like to joke about it between ourselves in the privacy of the pub 😉 The reality is that we actually get our ears burned for things not done as expected / required by our partner throughout the year and poor old Saint Valentine gets the blame for it! Of course, I use the term guys loosely in our modern world – I’m sure that the same situation exists in same-sex relationships too 🙂 And the reality is that we should be showing our partner how much we love them throughout the year, not just today. But if we did that I guess lots of florists and card companies would go bust!

As an aside – My Wife forgot that I was at a friend’s retirement party today and, when I wasn’t home as expected, called to find out where I was – now that’s what love is really about 🙂

Happy Valentines Day everyone 🙂