A Photo a Week Challenge: Unexpected Windows

I thought long about this challenge from Nancy. I don’t often stumble upon ‘unexpected’ images. However, there is this shot from our visit to Barcelona back in 2017. Taken through the locked gates of the Mercado de la Boqueria, the normally busy stalls are closed with only the pigeons for company…

Then I remembered this from back in 2009……This is a view through one of the wrecked turnstiles into the abandoned Claremont Road football ground, once home of Hendon FC. It tells a tale of falling attendance and the need for investment to maintain league position. There’s an old saying – Beware of Greeks bearing gifts. In modern non-league football that can be paraphrased to ‘Beware of Property Developers offering to help your club’. Hendon were ousted from their home and now groundshare with Edgware. The ground was demolished in 2012 if I remember correctly and is now a housing estate. Hendon were not the first, but hopefully will be one of the last to suffer this fate after a battle last season to save Dulwich Hamlet which saw them return home to their ground mid-season this year after questions were asked in Parliament and the local council stepped in to protect what is a community resource. A set of my shots of the dilapidated Claremont Road ground can be seen here.


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