Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Rainbow Colors

…must have 4 colors.

A London Sightseeing Tour bus collects passengers on Haymarket near Piccadilly Circus…

A mural in Canet-en-Roussillon celebrating the French Catalan people’s love of Rugby…

Catch up with Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge Here.


  1. Nice choices. I’ll be honest the whole idea of sightseeing buses in London being open air just makes me laugh.

  2. Wonderful photos for this week. Thanks Martin. 😀

  3. Love the colors and the fun in these photos, Martin. The sightseeing bus is very similar to the ones that roam Hollywood! 🙂 I really do appreciate the interesting mural. I have a love of murals no matter the subject. They always tell a story.

    • Hi Debra – yes, I saw your sightseeing bus photo. Clearly an example of globalisation at work 😉 Murals are often very interesting – sadly, that one is now gone as the shop has changed hands 😦

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