A Photo A Week Challenge: Lit from Within

One of the issues of living in London is that our climate in winter rarely gets cold enough for frost throughout the day. Come the evening, everything is damp and the inside of public transport becomes cocooned within the moisture deposited on the windows. The result is that buses can look like lanterns as they proceed along their route……A 210 bus photographed outside the Whittington Hospital where some of its passengers may well have attended for bronchial complaints!

My entry this week for Nancy’s Photo a Week Challenge.


  1. Hi Martin, We have “lantern buses” in our village as well this time of year. Nice shot.
    I saw your comment over on Twitter the other day, my break is going well, thanks for asking. I have competed the Flickr part of my project so that they won’t be deleting my files in January. Because I have changed the way I use that site, I am no longer following you there. I will, of course, continue to follow you on the other platforms we have in common.
    Cheers, Amy

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