You know, I try to not bring politics into this blog. I may occasionally pursue the impact of our political decisions on our planet,but I usually stay clear. Today our government was taken to task about the legal advice regards the exit of the British Isles from Europe. That the government should feel that such information should be withheld might perhaps be ok in time of war – I wouldn’t expect to be told about critical agreements in those circumstances. But we aren’t in a war, we’re seeking to exit the European Union based on a vote that was largely driven by emotions fuelled by propaganda and before any of the potential implications were available to the voters. Our government rightly sought legal advice about the potential outcome and now seek to deny that information from our representatives in parliament. That is not right whatever side of the debate you sit on 😦 I’m disgusted by the way that a number of self-serving individuals in parliament have pursued British Exit from Europe. It has become important that there is a vote by the people on the final deal with the EU To suggest that this is undemocratic flies in the face of past experience when back in the 1970’s we had a vote on whether to go in or not in the first case and then to remain or not after we renegotiated terms. Okay – That’s my gripe over…

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