A Photo a Week Challenge: Things with Wings

My entry for Nancy’s Challenge this week. It was the first bright morning we’ve had in a while and I took the chance to photograph a couple of the birds visiting our garden feeders…


and Ring-necked Parakeets…

Starlings are on the RSPB’s Red list as a species in severe decline. Ring-necked Parakeets are a naturalised species expanding their range and this is the first time they’ve actually visited the feeders in my garden.

There’s always one who’s late to the party! Just after I finished this post the Jay’s popped in. Here’s a couple of bonus shots 🙂 …

… Jay’s are UK residents and not considered to be at risk. As members of the Crow family, they’re also highly intelligent 🙂


    1. I’m afraid they are, along with the House Sparrow 😦 Both were very common when I was child but have suffered population collapse in my lifetime. Research suggests a variety of possible causes, the chief ones being loss of main food source and loss of suitable breeding sites. No doubt there are a number of other things impacting on these species and their decline is due to a combination of many factors.

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