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A day late this week because yesterday I had another football match to photograph. At this moment in time I’m wishing it would snow and give me a break 😉 However, I’m in a position this Friday morning to give an update on Euro and American Truck from both a personal and general game perspective.

Saturday 10th November saw the community complete the Trade Connections Germany event – I missed the last day because I was away at Tiverton with the football team. SCS extended the date deadline for any stragglers still trying to achieve their personal goal in the event until yesterday when it finally fully closed. For me the event had two positive results. It almost wiped out the time imbalance between American and Euro Truck. There’s now only about 20 hours playing time difference. The second positive was that it pushed me very close to the World of Trucks ‘the Longest Journey’ achievement of driving 1 million kilometres on WoT jobs. At the end of the event I only needed to drive another 6000 or so to complete. Witchy Woman took a huge slice out of that total when she shifted a 40T scraper from Coos Bay, Oregon to Tucson, Arizona – 2100km. Here she is driving down the 101 in Oregon……That was a difficult run in Oregon because of the bends and grades but relatively straight forward once we got into California and onto the I5. The FLB has 500 horses but is geared more for general traffic types rather than heavy machinery. The task of crossing the million kilometre line to complete the achievement was given to my favourite Euro truck – the MAN TGX. Here she is on the final 1000km run from our headquarters in Montpellier at a level crossing in Belgium……with a light load of Cars bound for Düsseldorf. And here is the notification of the achievement…
That completes all 26 current World of Trucks achievements until SCS have their next event – Which will probably be the annual Christmas ‘Help Santa’ event. It frees me up to do some more general driving and allows me to get back to hauling my own company’s trailers in Europe…

In ATS there are new roads still to explore and old roads that have changed. The map seems to undergo little tweaks with every release. I arrived in Flagstaff after the 1.32 release to find there are now traffic lights at the western end of the town which weren’t there before! The Arizona map now has a section of the 191 highway up through Clifton so I took the opportunity to explore that with a fuel delivery to Clifton. Here’s the SCS representation of the Gila River crossing……and the San Francisco River in Clifton…. One or two things aren’t quite right with the representations but as mentioned, the ATS map is almost a living, breathing, thing. I expect that next time I have reason to drive this way the railroad bridge, for example, will have changed to look like the real one!

Yesterday, SCS threw open the doors on a Beta test for the v1.33 game release. This will bring more changes to truck and trailer physics for improved realism and also some more ownable trailer types. No date for that release has been announced yet but we are promised the new European map extension into the Baltic states and western Russia for 29th November – Can’t wait for that. SCS have assured their fans in the Iberian peninsula that they haven’t forgotten them, which hints that the next map DLC for Europe after the Baltic’s might be Spain and Portugal though I’d be surprised if they produced the whole of those countries in one hit. Work on upgrading Germany continues and we may see some more map improvements in v1.33 – we are getting a couple of new ports which will be needed for the Baltic expansion. I’m guessing that after Germany has been upgraded the maps team will move on to Austria and Switzerland to improve the roads there. No further news on additions to the in-game Trucks for ATS or ETS2 though perhaps we will get something early next year? I have bought myself a Volvo VNL in ATS and I’ll give you a report on her next week. Drive safe – Best wishes to you all 🙂

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