A Photo a Week Challenge: Gilded

Painting in a Gilded Frame……and the model looks to be wearing some Gilded Jewellery too!

‘In The Presence Of the Lord’ by Francesc Masriera – on display in Museu Nacional D’Art de Catalunya, Barcelona. There’s a humorous take on the painting by Isobel Santos on the Museum’s website.

For Nancy’s Photo a Week Challenge.


    1. I love it too Debra. There’s a stern look on her face as if she is taking part in a holy ritual. For me that makes it quite a haunting image and leaves me wondering who the ‘Lord’ referred to was – God or some other being? It’s always amazing to see such beauty and then realise that this is an image from over 100 years ago. I’d have loved to meet her but there’s no chance of that now!

    1. Yes, the frame is a work of art in itself isn’t it πŸ™‚ The painting struck a chord with me when I saw it last year. Unlike our National Gallery, the museum in Barcelona has no issues with you taking photos as long as you don’t use flash πŸ™‚

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