Trucking Digest

A couple of digests ago I reported on the things that I knew SCS had in the pipeline. In that report I said “Other than the above changes to the game SCS have mooted a couple of exciting longer term changes. One of these is the possibility of players owning their own trailers.” There was no clue in the information that I had seen about quite when that change could happen. Now here we are three weeks later and SCS are posting about what they want to include in the up and coming 1.32 release for both simulations. And there it is – Players will be able to own their trailers and will be able to ship appropriate loads! SCS have come clean and owned up to the fact that they’ve had a dedicated team working on this much wanted change for over a year! There will need to be a lot of Beta testing for this change me thinks and they have indicated that it won’t be all there to begin with as some trailer-types have yet to be brought up to the required standard but it’s a huge move in the direction that the hardcore fans have wanted and will see a much improved level of economic realism. One glaring omission in the blog post is any reference to whether we’ll be able to take World of Trucks loads too – I guess we’ll find out when the Beta testing starts.

As I’ve been away and all my driving has been on the real UK roads there is a lack of in-game screen shots and stories to tell. Instead I’ve got a selection of real world trucks photographed on the A923 in Dunkeld for you.

DAF XF of Morris Young, Perth…

Volvo FH ‘Classic’ of J.G.McWilliam, Huntly…

Renault Range-T of Ravens Express, Motherwell…

Volvo FH of Coille Haulage, Lochgilphead…

Next week I hope to be back with some virtual trucking tales and screenshots 🙂

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