Returning to the Fold

My ‘Sporadic’ post dropped a hint that there would be a bit of a break in my blogging. I can now reveal that I’ve been on Holiday for two weeks with my Wife and Son. Although I was able to make three posts in the first week that I was away using the scheduled publication feature of WordPress, I wasn’t in a position to add more posts afterwards or to respond to any comments. We went to Scotland and stayed near Auchterarder in Perthshire on the northern slopes of the Ochil Hills beside Gleneagles. Here’s a photo of Epi and I taken by Alasdair as we walked in the Ochil Hills on a windy / cloudy day……Needless to say, I’ve returned with a lot of material that I can use for subsequent posts and challenges 🙂


  1. Wow! What a beautiful landscape and the clouds look so dramatic! I’ve nearly forgotten what clouds look like because we’re suffering under a heatwave at the moment (which means several weeks! 😂) And no end in sight. It’s lovely to see that elsewhere one can still wear a jacket!!

    1. We’ve been having a heatwave in London too so a two week break in Scotland was very welcome. Even on the warmest days it was around 8 degrees cooler than London! The weather broke during the second week of our holiday and we had a lot of overcast days with rain arriving most evenings. The clouds in the photo were the precursors of rain that moved in at 15:00 – by which time we were safely back indoors 🙂

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