After last week’s lengthy post about what’s up and coming for Euro and American Truck Simulator, this post could have been entitled ‘The Long and The Short of It’. In the real world companies like Knight, Schneider, etc have their own fleet of tractors and trailers which allows them to allocate appropriate motive power and a suitable trailer to a given load. Some owner-operators actually own a trailer and may even specialise in specific types of load, if they own a low-loader for example. Those owner-operators who only own a rig will probably wind up filling in for other companies where there has been a problem allocating a tractor unit for a load. In-game, that is the reality of what we do. Sometimes this results in a total mis-match of rig to trailer!

Here’s my Kenworth W900B with a short trailer. That trailer is probably shorter than she is!

The further away, the more ridiculous it looks as we hi-tail-it down I15 past Mojave National Preserve. The 11500lbs of Computers isn’t going to cause any stress for her 565HP Cummins engine!

Of course, she’s much better suited to this 28000lbs load of Household Appliances that we took up to Las Vegas from Albuquerque where we’re seen crossing Rio Grande Blvd as we leave town.

But owner-operators can’t be choosy. I wanted to get back to headquarters at Bakersfield and that’s where this load was going. A nice easy run arriving in town as the sun was going down – evening traffic was quite heavy.

I think I’ve told before about how difficult it can be to park one of these titchy trailers with a long rig. With a little care and by not trying to park it in one go, we’ve dropped it at the loading bay – slightly off-centre but parallel with the other trailers 🙂

Now I’m off to our garage – Hope the crew have got the coffee on!