Two shots of one of our long standing members of the Wingate & Finchley team. Both shots were taken during a hot pre-season friendly match. And a bonus shot of our kit man 🙂

A mid-half drinks break for the players and Ola’s caught with a water bottle. Taken with the Canon EOS7D mkII, Canon EF 70-200mm f2.8 IS II. ISO400 1/1600th at f5.6

Half-Time and Ola wanders over to say hello / pose 🙂 Fujifilm X100F ISO400 1/480th at f8

I couldn’t resist posting this one on twitter with the following text – “After the summer break it’s sometimes hard to remember what all the things in the camera bag are for – clearly the same applies to the kit 😉 ” Peter, our kit man, looks suspiciously at a ball. Fujifilm X100F ISO400 1/800th at f8 – slight post-processing correction for under-exposure caused by the white shirt (you don’t have time to mess around with exposure compensation on candids 😉 )