A Minor Anomaly

I love the new Random Events in Euro Truck Simulator. In fact I shared a few with you recently. However, in a game with as large a map as Euro Truck covering much of Europe there will be the occasional issue that gets past the developers and the willing volunteer testers. Once it’s out in the general community little flaws that escaped detection will show up. Something’s not quite right in this shot……What do you think it is? A little clue – think Sheriff Buford t. Justice 😉 Answers in the comments please 🙂


  1. I must admit I’m very curious! I’m also probably one of the last people you’d expect to find the anomaly. I’m coming back later and hoping someone fills me in, Martin! I will say that the graphics for this simulator are really amazing.

    On an entirely different topic, I really enjoy seeing what you’re reading via the Goodreads feature on your front page. I use Goodreads myself, but I haven’t linked it to my blog. If I can go in and find a way to do a friend request, don’t be surprised if you hear from me. 🙂

    1. I shall keep an eye out Debra 🙂 As for the graphics – yes they’re very good in both Euro and American Truck. I’ll be sharing some American Truck shots soon 🙂 To expand my clue slightly – What did the Texas Sheriff in Smokey and The Bandit do?

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