Random Events and Roadside Distractions

While making my last deliveries for the ‘Start Your Engines!’ truck racing event in Euro Truck Sim, I took some screenshots to illustrate some of the new random events and to show some of the things beside the road that you can see as you drive along. Those last three deliveries were from Dresden to Bourges, Bourges to Osnabrück and finally from Osnabrück to Bordeaux.

Here’s a random event not long after leaving Dresden – an accident in the fast lane of the autobahn with Police, Fire and Ambulance crews in attendance. Those flashing red and blue lights really light up the night!

Driving south on Autobahn 5 just after passing through Frankfurt on the right you can see the Berlin Airlift Memorial with the control towers of Frankfurt Flughafen visible beyond the trees.

Alongside the A36 on the outskirts of Belfort in France we are greeted by the incongruous sight of a TGV perched precariously above the autoroute. This was the prototype of France’s Train à Grande Vitesse and has recently been renovated.

Another random event – A truck has been pulled over on the autoroute by the Police. An interesting change in the programming of the ai behaviour in Euro Truck compared with the behaviour in ATS is that the vehicles in the lane closest to the stationary vehicles actually slow down! That caught me on the hop the first time it happened. I’m guessing the same change has been applied in the latest American Truck update. I wonder if the next step will see us being pulled over by the police or will that be too complicated to code?

Roadworks! These can appear anywhere along your route now and are present for variable periods of time. This looks to be quite major so it’ll probably be in the same location for a few days while smaller works might be gone the next time you go along the road. The workers are animated – when driving past you can see the guy repositioning his drill for example.

A final view taken on my last delivery for the event. Here we’re crossing the Rhine on the Rodenkirchener Brücke with the city of Köln as a backdrop. The instantly recognisable railway bridge and the Hohe Domkirche Sankt Petrus remind me of a very enjoyable visit to the city some 25 years ago.

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