5 Years – Where Did They Go!

Anyone remember this shot from 2013?

School is over now bar study leave and the bulk of the GCSE exams for my Son and his classmates. Last night was the ‘Leavers Ball’ for the year 11’s at The Archer Academy. Alasdair didn’t really want to go but the Head Teacher was insistent that all students should attend. In the end he went and enjoyed himself with his friends. He didn’t want to wear a Tuxedo. So we went shopping last weekend to get his clothes. He picked the suit, shirt and shoes himself with a small amount of guidance from Dad. Here he is ‘suited and booted’ for the first time in his life 🙂 PS – that’s not his car!


  1. Want to see how fast time flies, watch our children grow up.
    Funny coincidence—I know Jay Clark. I didn’t know he had a blog. He doesn’t know I have one either.
    I’ll check his out and say hi.

    1. Hi Phyllis – Agree wholeheartedly about seeing how fast time flies! 😉

      I know Philip quite well from his excellent nature posts 🙂

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