Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: Words that end in “ock”

Dock – not the harbour kind, the plant! This particular plant would appear to be Rumex crispus or Curled Dock and is a variant of Broad-Leaved Dock. The leaves have astringent qualities which if applied to nettle stings help to reduce the irritation. And the good news is that they commonly grow next to each other as is the case in this shot…

Actually, Dock got me thinking and I suddenly remembered Gourock on the Clyde which we visited on a railtour back in August 1986…

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    1. It’s a member of the Sorrel family Cee. It’s a European native but I believe there is a version that grows in South West USA – Rumex hymenosepalus. Apparently it’s used for tanning leather – at least that’s what Wikipedia tells me 😉

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