1. I haven’t got an XT2 😉 These were taken using the X-100F. I had a great time yesterday wandering around St Pancras station doing some ‘street’ photography 🙂

      For the record the top shot was taken using the Acros B&W film simulation – ISO4000 f8 at 1/50th. Post processing consisted of cropping the image and slight sharpening using Clarity

      The colour shot was taken using the Velvia film simulation – ISO1600 f8 at 1/58th. Again, just cropped and slight sharpening afterwards.

      1. My understanding is that all the Fuji X series cameras have film simulations. However some of them are only available on the top of the range models which use the X-Trans CMOS III sensor and the X-Processor Pro – Acros B&W is an example of this. Read Fujifilm’s article here. Reading between the lines of your first comment – if you’re looking at the X-T2 as a possible next camera, that does have all the current film simulations – spec is here.

      2. Ok, thank you, I hadn’t dug deep enough to realise that the simulations were different across the Fuji line, although I guess that does make sense. I had been thinking about the X-T2 because a number of photographers whose I enjoy use it either exclusively, or as part of their kit. I went to a shop and have held one, and I did like its size and weight. That being said, I do love my Canon 50D and I have a few lenses for it as well. It’s just that the Canon 60 and 70D thrill me less, they feel less robust to me.

      3. As a fellow Canon user I’m guessing the first problem you’ll experience with the feel of the Fuji’s is the lack of real estate where your thumb goes on the back of the camera – the same goes for fingers 😉 I was always inadvertently hitting the Q button or the Fn button on top when I first tried using a Fuji X-E1!

        Amen to loving the Canon – I love the 7D and 5D but my back is happier with the lighter weight kit when I’m going out for a day’s photography. I’m lucky that I can separate my photography into different areas requiring different kit. So the Canon’s are now purely for sports (or intermittent Macro) while the Fuji’s handle everything else.

        I did suggest other options – Olympus is one. A friend who is a fellow football photographer is using this range of cameras for his non-sports photography and is very happy with the results.

        The press are really excited about the Sony cameras currently so that’s another area to look at. Though I take a look at their cameras and my gut feeling is that I wouldn’t be comfortable with the handling.

        The other option is to step up to the 7D mkII which will work fine with your existing lenses. You could go to the 5D or 6D but then you will need to get EF lenses rather than EF-S. It’s a real conundrum and all I can offer in comfort is the fact that I’ve faced the same choices myself. It’s a fact that whatever you choose you’ll be looking over your shoulder months down the road wondering if you made the right choice 😉

        Time for us all to remember that the camera is just a tool 😉 Hope you find the right solution for your needs 🙂

      4. I think your last point is a very good one for all of us. It is pretty easy to get caught up in all the gear when the reality is that each of us just has to make a choice that is right for our own situation.
        I do tend to like to over think it though, there is some fun in that 🙂
        I have considered a step-up in body, but I’m just not convinced that is the way I want to go. I do take some comfort in the fact that if I switch from Canon, their lenses are good quality so I would be able to sell them for a reasonable amount.
        I do also think there are some other manufacturers who have really stepped up their game which really leaves the consumer with several good choices.

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