Close Encounters

Drive along Route 375 in Nevada in the wee small hours and you’re never sure what you will encounter. One thing’s for sure – it won’t be sheep! Heading west towards Tonopah I was treated to the sight of two yellow lights in the sky as I approached Rachel. Turning into the rest area there, this was the view out the cab…

I stepped out of the truck and took this sequence as they did a low fly-by…

Now that’s Mysterious Nevada for you!

The other mystery is what truck I’m driving – more on that later 🙂


    1. It’s real in the sense that you can go to Rachel Nevada and see strange lights in the sky – within the confines of American Truck Simulator! Of course lots of people in the ‘real’ world go along Route 375 (The Extraterrestrial Highway) in the hope of seeing just that 🙂 Whether they actually see alien vessels or some trick of the desert night I don’t know. But what you see above is screenshots from the SCS Software game and it’s what gamers call an ‘Easter Egg’ – something put there by the developers for the gamer to find. You can find out about ATS at

      I enjoyed your short story 🙂

  1. These areas in Nevada fascinate me! i’ve always traveled through Nevada by day, and I think I’m too susceptible to suggestion to travel easily at night. I can’t say I believe in ET’s, but I do think those dark Nevada skies reveal some kind of UFO’s. It’s all good for feeding the imagination anyway!

    1. Wikipedia has an interesting entry about Route 375 Debra so that’s worth a read. Ironically, I passed through the UK’s most famous UFO site on my way to and from yesterday’s football match at Leiston. You might enjoy reading about the Rendlesham Forest Incident too, also on Wikipedia. The only unusual thing we experienced was a blizzard with snow drifts and black ice on the A12 as we made our way home. We saw a couple of accidents as drivers lost control of their vehicles on the ice but fortunately they were more ‘fender-bender’ than anything. Top marks to our coach driver, Tina, for getting us safely home 🙂

      1. I’m glad you were safe, Martin. Black ice is so frightening! I will definitely read the Wikipedia entry about the Rendlesham Forest incident. I have a fascination with the unexplained.

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