On MANoeuvres

After my last update from Euro Truck featuring the Renault Magnum, I swapped over to another favourite and fired up the MAN TGA. I’ve set myself the target of getting to 750000km on World of Trucks jobs over the next month and that means doing around another 80000km. Ultimately I want to push on and achieve the ‘Longest Journey’ award by completing 1 million kilometres in Euro Truck / American Truck.

Let’s reacquaint ourselves with the cab of the TGA with this view of a distant København from the Øresund bridge……The gauges on this truck are really easy to read in all lights which is one of the things I love about it.

We’ve shifted quite a range of cargoes over the past week. In this shot at Kristiansand Harbour we’re on a run to Glasgow with a load of Cyanide!Containerised tanks are quite common for chemical loads – this one is carrying Mercuric Chloride.Not exactly the sort of loads you want to be dropping all over the carriageway – in real life that would constitute a HazMat emergency! The shot was taken in the tunnel under the Limfjord at Aalborg.

We’ve done quite a few trips into Scandinavia. The Swedish cows in this shot chose to ignore our passing with a pressure tank delivery…

I’ve mentioned JazzyCat’s excellent traffic mods in the past. Here’s a rather nice Setra coach overtaking us on the climb of the East Bridge of the Great Belt crossing which connects Zealand and Funen in Denmark……With 23t of Lemonade on board we were struggling a bit 😉

Talking of struggling……Another 23t load, of diggers this time. Climbing through the Ardennes on a long run from Kraków to Metz with a queue of traffic behind me!

Sometimes the loads are in interesting trailers like this one which reminds us of the days of the Hanseatic League……It was a little off their historic territory. I picked it up in Rennes carrying a load of Empty Barrels bound for Bourges.

I’ve now parked the TGA in Bordeaux and bought myself a very modern Scania S series truck. I’ll share some journeys with her in another post.

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