Random Screenies

After sharing a video of the Volvo VNL670 I thought I’d share a few screenshots from trips in this truck.

No prizes for guessing which state I’m in with this shot……Departing Gallup with a ventilation shaft.

An interesting delay on the interstate……Called into the Weigh Station at Grant’s Road. I found a car on the off ramp waiting for a gap in the traffic to get back on the highway – clearly a confused bunny 😉 And then when I was clear to go I found the exit snarled up. I thought it was an accident but it turned out the tanker you can just see the back of between me and the Schneider had broken down. After a couple of minutes waiting for the ai to de-confuse itself I decided to drive around the blockage using the hard shoulder. Made for a nice shot to show off the metallic paint job though 😉

The twin silos in this late evening view are a sign that we’re running into Barstow……That’s a bit of a mixed blessing. It means not too far to go until Bakersfield (if that’s where I’m headed) 🙂 It also means we’re approaching the horrible I40-I10 intersection where you can trust the ai to set up some traps to catch the unwary 😉 You can see how clear the instruments on the Volvo are in this shot.


    1. These are images from the game’s photo mode Colline. I do run them through Serif’s Affinity before publication to adjust the levels and sharpen them slightly.

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