Return of the Mack

For my regulars that title can only mean one thing… Cyrus has fixed the Mack Ultraliner for American Truck Sim and Here she is 🙂
…Canis Majoris rides again! I now have my two favourite Cab-Overs in the US in the shape of the Freightliner FLB and this lovely Mack so I’m very happy. In Euro Truck Sim I’m driving the venerable Scania 113 and the Renault Magnum. Between the 4 vehicles mentioned we’ve cleared off this year’s Christmas Delivery Challenge and earned our rewards. Looking forward to the next Event from the team at SCS. Looking forward to a lot of new deliveries from them too in 2018 – they sound like they’re up for it!

I’m mindful that some visitors may have been lured here by the title with the wrong return in mind 😉 So here’s Mark Morrison’s track on YouTube…

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