Seven Day Challenge – Day 1

On Facebook I found myself nominated for a challenge. Normally I ignore challenges on Facebook. In fact I went absent from Facebook for several years because the number of ‘play my game’ requests was frankly annoying 😦 However, that problem seems to have become less prevalent. I decided to accept this challenge only because the nominator was my fellow Wingate & Finchley photographer David and I guess he has the right to stitch me up 😉 The challenge is as follows: –

Seven days, seven black and white photos of your life. No people. No explanation. Nominate someone every day.

I have declined to nominate anyone myself as David is nominating some of the people I might have considered and I don’t really want to inflict this on my other friends.

Ok explanation over – here’s the first shot for the challenge but as this is my blog, unlike the Facebook version, you will get some details of what’s going on…
A shot of the screen rather than a screenshot 😉 I was waiting to turn left in Bourges and as I was stationary it seemed like a good time to use the camera. I am, of course, doing an early morning drive in Euro Truck Simulator 2. I’m in a Scania 113M and we’re taking a load of Aircraft Tyres from the Michelin factory to Nantes Atlantique Airport. Taken with the Fujifilm X-Pro2 using its internal ACROS Black and White setting. 1/70th at f5.6 iso6400.


    1. Hi Colline – These truck simulators are games for a pc. I usually do at least one drive a day – often more. I have a steering wheel, gear lever and driving pedals attached to the pc for improved realism although you can get by with a mouse and keyboard. I also use TrackIR so that the game camera follows my head movements. You can check out the games at for Europe and for USA. I’m sure your class would love to have a go! 😉

    1. I guess that depends on whether driving a truck on the computer could hold your interest? I find it generally relaxing watching the scenery unfold along the route, especially in American Truck Simulator. One of the Rock Paper Shotgun reviewers called it ‘Zen and the art of Intersection Navigation’ which perhaps sums up the appeal of these truck sims. If you click on my tags you’ll be able to see a lot about both the Euro and American versions in my posts which may help.

      ps – links to the websites for each version are in my response to Colline above.

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