Mysterious Nevada

In the last post I mentioned an array of satellite dishes located beside Route 93 in American Truck Sim’s Nevada. It’s a bit of an oddity within the map because it doesn’t seem to exist in real life and that’s unusual for structures you pass as you drive along the road. Every other prominent structure that I’ve passed usually has a real life equivalent. To give a nearby example – just after you pass Primm on I15 and cross into California you will see the Nipton Solar Project on your right. When the tragic events in Las Vegas unfolded I immediately recognised the location because I’ve driven past the Mandalay Bay on numerous occasions (It’s Mandela Bay in the game but it is instantly recognisable). The pattern is replicated throughout ATS and also in Europe where I can usually find the structures along the road on real life Google or Bing maps. That array stands out as an anomaly and it’s not the only one.

I decided to retrace my steps of the previous drive and return to Elko but I didn’t really want to start from Kingman. Fortunately, in my main profile, Nightshade was parked up in Las Vegas so I fired up that account and took her to the local maintenance place to get her proper paint job restored after the Halloween drives. Then I picked up a 21t load of Office Supplies to take north. That was a 53ft Swift trailer that you’ll see in a minute, but first here’s an early morning shot of our mystery array……and here is where it appears on the map……right by the blue triangle just south of the junction with Route 375 otherwise known as the Extraterrestrial Highway.

North of Pioche and on the run in to Ely we pick up Route 50 and pass through an area of high ground close to Taylor Peak. Often there are objects here passing low overhead at high speed – not aircraft I think as we get to see F35’s further south on the route and these things are smaller and much faster! So that’s a bit of a mystery that I need to investigate further. This is the section of road I’m talking about……That strange patterning on top of the trailer is a rendering effect and not an alien artefact ๐Ÿ˜‰

So, we arrived in Elko with our hours almost exhausted – you note that I covered the distance without a stop because Nightshade was able to maintain 55mph along most of the route despite the load. We dropped off the supplies and made our way to our Elko Garage which is my ‘Ladies’ Garage. A chance to catch up with the team – in my imagination at least ๐Ÿ™‚…I do have female employees in other Garages but Elko became Ladies only and they were the first employees to get sleeper cabs because there’s a lot of open country in Nevada and I want them to feel safe. In Euro Truck, Birmingham (UK) is a Ladies only Garage too. In Nevada I’d like to think that these guys are looking after my Ladies……and that doesn’t mean giving them tickets!

In the early hours of the morning I headed back out with a load of cars bound for Barstow. Let me show you another Nevada mystery……Mazany Creek! On the 1:20 map this town should be Caliente so why is it given a different name? Rumour from the forum is that Mazany was a developer with SCS but I’ve never seen it confirmed. There is one of the SCS ‘easter eggs’ in Mazany Creek – Rubber Ducks that bounce up and down beyond a wall at the truck stop. In the real world I can’t see a truck park in Caliente so it looks like a bit of a fudge has happened here.

Driving on and I can show you a daytime shot of the Antenna Array……Not the sort of thing that you wouldn’t find on Google or Bing if it was there ๐Ÿ˜‰ It’s an anomaly that perhaps will resolve itself with a forthcoming update.

There are other Nevada anomalies – you can drive up to Rachel on Route 375 and experience some unusual activity in the form of strange lights in the sky. Something for another post perhaps? Nightshade and I continued down through Las Vegas and on via Primm to Barstow. We achieved 624 miles within our driving hours limit although we were pushing it a bit ๐Ÿ˜‰ Load safely delivered I parked up for a break and contemplated what may or may not be real in Nevada!


  1. Those are funny anomalies, Martin, but they add to the lore of the Extraterrestrial Highway. Stories from anywhere near Area 51 are always mysterious! We will be in Nevada this coming weekend and I’ll keep my eye out! ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Hi Debra – Great to hear from you! I’ll look forward to reading about your Nevada visit – hope you get some good photos. Don’t feed the slot machines too much – as if you would ๐Ÿ˜‰ Who knows – perhaps you’ll come back with your own Area 51 story ๐Ÿ™‚

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