Needs to have the letter O anywhere in the word

Opening Ceremony……for the new Hadley Wood Sports Trust football training facility at Old Stationers, Barnet Lane. The facility will be used by Local schools and Wingate & Finchley FC to train youngsters. In the brown coat is our Chairman – Aron Sharpe – who is one of the driving forces behind the project.   (Apologies for shake on this one – low light, hand held above head, in crowd shot.)

Guests at the Opening Ceremony……Right to left – The Mayor of Barnet (Brian Salinger whose son Tom is a Wingate and Finchley supporter); Harry Winks (Tottenham Hotspur and England footballer); Geoff Shreeves (Commentator with Sky Sports); Alan Smith (ex-Arsenal and England footballer).

Goalkeeper in Football Action……Shane Gore leads with his gloves to make a block……and stop the Metropolitan Police forward from scoring a late equaliser in our 1-0 win in the FA Trophy 3rd qualifying round at Imber Court.

There’s quite a few ‘O’s in there 😉

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Roswell…Midnight cruiser took an early morning patrol around the town but only found tourist attractions……galleries……and one stuffed Alien……or was it a blow-up doll?

In Nevada we have the town of Rachel which has mysterious lights in the sky at night. Tucson (AZ) has ghosts in a graveyard which I have yet to go and see. I wonder if Roswell has some night time mysteries too?

– Needs to start with the letter N

Night train at Northolt Park……This is a Networker Turbo diesel unit – compare with the electric version I published for the ‘K’ challenge. Taken on the way home from a match at Harrow Borough.

Nightfall 1 – Gulls fly past The floodlights of Imber Court on their way to roosts at Kempton Park Waterworks and along the Thames…

Nightfall 2 – Gulls flying into the dusk over Imber Court……Both shots taken during Saturday’s FA Trophy match against Metropolitan Police FC.

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