Driver for Hire

After talking through the realism settings in the previous Euro Truck Simulator 2 post, it’s time to start working for other people as a driver for hire…

Choosing the first job is important but not critical – after all, it’s up to you to decide how long you are prepared to wait to own your own truck. But at the start in this game you have a conflict of interests. Improving your skills through experience points gives the opportunity to do longer jobs with more valuable cargo which is important because longer distances and more specialised cargoes bring better rewards. But we also need to be earning as much money as possible as a hedge against fines and damage. When you view the jobs screen you can select how to view the jobs – Price, distance, destination, etc. For the first few jobs I strongly recommend searching for Price v Distance. This gives the best compromise between the money you will earn against the skill points you will get.

Another choice you will need to make is where to take each job from – the jobs market shows all available ‘quick jobs’. To get jobs in a specific location just click on the city on the map. From a realism point of view I will always take my next job from the last town I delivered to because I’m sure real life journeyman truckers wouldn’t travel to Nice to pick up their next job after dropping off a cargo in Berlin. But that’s something you will need to decide for yourself. This applies to the Quick Jobs and, once you have your own truck, Freight Market jobs so you need to be aware.

So – all that preamble over… We’re off on our first job from Lyon to Dijon (though we aren’t cutting the mustard just yet – sorry I couldn’t resist that one!). I picked this job from the top of the list for the reasons outlined above. I’ve been given a Volvo FH16 Classic to drive so I get the chance to experience that type of truck. I’ve also got a cargo that I don’t think I’ve hauled before courtesy of Jazzycat’s mods 🙂

During the course of this first delivery or the next one you will get emailed by the bank and by a company looking for reliable drivers. The bank will offer you loans up to €100,000 A few trips down the road they will up your credit limit to €500,000. I don’t think anyone’s ever taken up the reliable drivers offer – I guess we’d rather be our own boss! The good news is that – unlike the real world… the emails dry up after that 🙂

After completion of that first real job you’ll probably get your first upgrade point and you’ll be presented with a screen where you can choose where to spend it. There are going to be a few of these over the next few drives. Consensus is that you should put the first one in the Distance box. After that you can choose as you go. I’ll tell what I went for and my thoughts as we progress.

As a new player in this game, the period when you are a driver for hire is a good time to learn what trucks you really like – I’ve been surprised by some and disappointed by others! It’s also important, as you do these jobs, to divert through towns en-route to collect the truck dealers and recruitment agencies. At the moment you’re not normally under time pressure so take the opportunity! It would be disappointing if having picked a Scania at the start you decided that you actually preferred Volvos but you hadn’t discovered a Volvo dealer. The recruitment agencies are important for when you start building your company, so we’ll cover those in more depth then.

I’ve delivered my Veenhuis SW450 safely to Dijon and collected my fee. I’ve selected Long Distance for my first point and I’ll see you soon with some tales of the road as a driver for hire 

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