The Wall

Set not in Stone
The wall breathes
Trembles with anticipation
Of cannonballs with leather skin
Prepares for mortal wound
A blow to wedding tackle
Protective hands and arms
Risk Referee’s wrath
As kick is struck
And reactions slow
Like a rabbit in the headlights

Martin Addison – 12/07/2017


Heavy Weather Haulin’

The drought finally broke in London today with rain showers in the afternoon becoming heavy and persistent throughout the evening and into this morning. I was supposed to be at the football last night but with no shelter at the training ground I decided it was too wet for the camera and stayed home to do some truck driving.

In this fitting screenshot my MAN TGX hauls a 55t mobile crane through northern Germany in heavy rain. The screenshot has been tonemapped in Affinity Photo which is image processing software I’m trying out as an alternative to Adobe Photoshop.