Scotsman in Northwest London

60103 ‘Flying Scotsman’ drifts through Willesden with the Cathedrals Express.

Unfortunately the return of Flying Scotsman to the mainline has seen a number of instances of trespass resulting in disruption to train services. The press are quick to point the finger at railway enthusiasts (easy target). Since less well known steam locomotives do not cause track invasions I would challenge the assumption that it is railway enthusiasts doing the trespassing. Scotsman’s route through London today required real rail enthusiast knowledge to find locations for a photo – result was no trespassers! (at least not where I was). My message to those who want to photograph Scotsman or any other Steam Locomotive is choose a location on public land and stay away from the tracks. The BTP have enough concerns with anti-terrorism assignments without having to deal with trespassing numpties 😦

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