Enjoying the Scenery

After the distress of Thursday morning I really needed some time to myself. Where better than in the semi-real world of Truck simulation? That’s one of the secrets of the game – just the simple joy of driving and watching the scenery drifting by. So I thought I’d share a few recognisable places from within the truck sim games…
Pont de Normandie – Crossing the River Seine at Le Havre
Climbing to Hoover Dam on Route 93
Descending into the Mosel Valley
Descending towards Cajon Pass, south of Victorville
Crossing the Thaya River near Brno with Mikulov Castle on the horizon

Hope you enjoyed these images – There are so many other vistas I could share. I’ll end this post with a quick tale from last night. Around 11:15 my Good Lady stuck her head round the door of my office to tell me she was off to bed. I replied “Ok Love, I’m almost home… Be with you soon.” Almost Home? I was in California just passing the rail yards outside Bakersfield finishing my last delivery of the night. But isn’t it weird that I now see Bakersfield in a game as home – just as much as I see Finchley as home in the real world!


  1. Next time you’re in Bakersfield, drop down into Los Angeles for a visit, will you? πŸ™‚ I can really see how your road trips are beneficial stress reducers! I am fascinated with the beautiful scenery!

    1. I tend to skirt the north eastern side of Los Angeles when changing from I5 – I10 with loads from California into Arizona. Because of the 1:20 scale of the maps the cities are not modelled in any real detail although some recognisable buildings are presented such as the Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas (Mandela Bay in the game!). I shall pop into LA and try to find some nice city views for another post in future πŸ™‚

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