RIP Paul


Paul passed on last night. He had been his usual cheerful self yesterday morning but was quiet in the afternoon. By bedtime I could see he wasn’t well – struggling to stay upright on his perch but determined to do so regardless. I knew then that this morning I would find his body on the floor of the cage. I sat with him for around 30mins talking quietly and whistling to him before covering his cage and saying goodnight.

12 years is a good span for a Budgie. When his companion passed on 4 years ago Paul moved upstairs to my office where he would often join in on my conference calls – chirping away and ringing his bells in the background. His input was so greatly valued by my work colleagues that they made him the Team Mascot on our Performance Board.

His passing is the end of an era. I have kept Budgies since I was 11 years old but I have decided that he will be the last. I no longer want the pain of a pet’s passing. I will take my joy from watching the wild ‘pets’ outside the office window. I don’t know where Budgies souls go but I hope he is in a happy place. Goodbye old friend…


  1. When an elder is standing, l will not sit. After an elder sits down, l sit only when l am told to do so.(Confucius teacher says) Anyway Thank You.

  2. The loss of a pet is terrible. I vowed I would not get another dog when our first boxer passed away. She was only 5. And nine years on … we still have dogs!
    I suspect you will feel differently after a while.

  3. Oh my, Martin. I am so sorry. I have had finches, budgies, cockatiels and canaries most of my life. I love birds! I’ve known that feeling of seeing a change and anticipating their last day or night with us. For awhile I was the “bird rescuer” among friends. and although I didn’t really want the responsibility, I took in two rescue cockatiels that lived long lives. It was very sad for me to finally lose them. I know Paul will be missed. People who haven’t had birds don’t always understand how such a small creature can be a companion, but they really are. I am glad you shared a little bit about him with us.

    1. Thanks Debra – I keep looking across the room to say something to him but of course he isn’t there! The thing I’m missing most at the moment is his reaction to the cash till sound in Truck sim- that always set him chirping. The initial sadness has passed and I’m into the happy memories now 🙂

  4. Ahh you made me cry. Paul spent his last ounce of strength to stand on the perch got me. He probably wanted to show his best before he left his bestfriend. Animals are amazing, they love without boundary and enjoy their life as if it is their last day. Paul definitely leave his legacy on you. Losing a pet is never ever easy.. But I know that he will be deeply missed by whom who knew him, and you know what? Eventhough he is no longer there with you, he is now will live forever in your heart..

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