I have finally completed the Steam Achievement of driving 1000km in trucks from each manufacturer. The last two makers were the Iveco and Volvo. I should put my hand up at this point and say that I was already marking these down as not going to join my personal fleet. My experience of the Iveco Stralis had not been a particularly good one and I hated the very granular plastic dashboard. As for the Volvo – last time I drove one was as a driver for hire and I didn’t really like the interior of the cab – cream and grey!?! – nor the instrument layout. Since then I have restarted the save, the new France map has arrived and I have driven vehicles from every other manufacturer over long distances.

I turned up at the Iveco dealer in my Mercedes-Benz and sold it. Then I reviewed the various Iveco options on offer. With plenty of cash in hand I was looking for a high level vehicle with a sleeper cab. After viewing the Stralis Active Space sleeper which reminded me a lot of the Merc, I took a look a little lower down the pecking order at the Stralis Hi-Way. This truck seemed a better proposition. Even so, I still was viewing it as a 1000km and sell option. It was the first run that convinced me that I will keep the truck. Compared with the standard Stralis, the Hi-Way has a much better quality dash and one that I was immediately more comfortable with than the one in the Merc Actros. Forward visibility is very good and the mirrors are well positioned. But what really got my attention was the more active feel of the cab following on from the Merc – it was a little like driving the FLB! Suddenly there was more than just the pennants hanging at an angle to tell me I was taking a corner quite fast  Perhaps the Merc could do with some more life in its driving to make it more appealing?

In the previous post you will have seen the Iveco Hi-Way in the ‘Goodfeel Orange’ colours supplied by the dealer. I said they wouldn’t last! She now wears a custom livery that is supplied in the game for all trucks but I think it only really works on this one! Green, Brown and Cream – must have been created with Great Western Railway fans in mind! I lightened the shade of green very slightly but that’s all! I added bull bars and lights to complete the package and here she is in all her finery 🙂

Parked up in Toulouse after the refit.
On route from Genève to Malmö with a load of Electronics.
Three Iveco’s – showing a selection of the different outfitting choices.
Delivering a pressure tank to Rostock.