An obvious choice for me is Junction… or more specifically Clapham Junction (though I could have chosen many other junctions for this challenge). Clapham Junction is reputedly the busiest station in Europe with up to 180 trains passing through every hour! The station is always busy but especially so when there is an international Rugby match at Twickenham or during the Tennis at Wimbledon.

Looking towards Central London and specifically Waterloo from the bridge that connects Clapham Junction’s 17 platforms. On the extreme Left of the photo are the two tracks curving away to connect with Kensington Olympia and Willesden Junction. They also connect with Denmark Hill and the Kent Coast. The 4 lines going towards London on the Left go to Waterloo. These are the lines on which services to Richmond and Reading operate. The building to the left of centre is the train cleaning plant for units coming off duty and stabling at Clapham Junction. The 4 tracks in the centre also serve Waterloo and it is on these tracks that trains to Basingstoke and the South-West operate. The 4 tracks beyond the row of equipment cabinets on the right serve Victoria station. Trains to Croydon, Gatwick and Brighton use these tracks. Hidden by the trees on the extreme right are another 2 tracks connecting with Kensington and Willesden.

Stairs to one of the Richmond bound platforms.

Boarding a Reading Service.

Stabled units waiting for the evening rush.

Clapham Junction shed with stabled Portsmouth / Weymouth express unit.

Freight through Clapham Junction – empty stone hoppers from Crawley to Acton via Kensington and Willesden Junction.

These photos were taken on two separate days in March 2017

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