American Truck Personal Fleet Review

Having reviewed my Euro fleet it seems only right that I should also review my American Trucks so here we go…

Doyen of the fleet in this post map-rescale save is Nightshade – my Peterbilt 389. She’s changed a bit over time but I think she’s finally in a configuration that I’m happy with. Wearing the ‘Seminole’ style livery and now with the top of the range sleeper, she has had a number of revisions to the chrome work too. Most importantly she now has a Cummins N14 Celect engine rated at 525HP – and that sounds very nice 🙂

Next up is the queen of the fleet – although I suspect Nightshade would challenge that! Rolled Gold is my Kenworth W900. Originally finished in metallic gold and later with additional sunset murals, she now wears colors that are a tribute to Smokey and the Bandit. She’s also acquired bull-bars and additional lights on top of the sleeper section. With a 600HP Detroit Diesel Series 60 engine she’s the most powerful truck in the fleet…

I don’t think you were formally introduced before, but this is Angel 🙂 She’s a Peterbilt 579 and joined the fleet during the ‘broken FLB’ period. She wears a pearlescent white livery with a matching steering wheel. Compared with the very traditional Nightshade and Rolled Gold, Angel is light on her feet – driving her is not very different from driving my car! She has a 485HP PACCAR MX13 engine which hates pulling away in second gear 😉
Autumn Gal continues as the preferred cab-over in the fleet. The Freightliner FLB is a favourite with me (and a lot of other people) and I’m enjoying driving her in a distressed old livery. Changes to the game are coming and it’s very likely that this venerable mod will be broken once again. There is another reworking of the FLB out there now too and sadly the two versions conflict with each other so I will have to choose which to go with in the future. But for now I’m happy with the one I’ve got. She’s running with a Caterpillar C-15 435HP engine and remains an absolute pleasure to drive.
Lastly there’s Greenline Express, a Kenworth 521. Epitomising trucks of the early 1950’s she is very much a ‘preserved’ vehicle in the fleet and only run out once in a while. She has a Cummins 250HP engine which makes a glorious noise. The mod is a ‘paid’ one and I’m waiting for the next updates so I can fit a sleeper and larger fuel tanks – she has less range between comfort stops than me! Being a non-standard truck she will probably be broken by the next update but she is supported by the builder so it shouldn’t be too long until she is repaired.
One truck has left the fleet – the Kenworth 100. This was another truck that made an appearance while the FLB was broken. There are a number of issues with the version of the mod including broken engine brakes and odd engine sounds. I did like driving her but with the next game update looming it seemed a fitting time to sell her. There is a new version of this truck out now and I may well give that a try in the future.


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