Well done to any of you who spotted Autumn Gal in the ‘She’s Back!’ post. After the map rescale broke the mirrors in American Truck Sim I was left hoping that someone would work out how to repair them. And repair them they did – and then some!

The Freightliner FLB has a long history starting, I believe, in 18 Wheels of Steel before being ported across to Euro Truck and American Truck. The last version of this truck that I was using had been posted by Solaris36. It had nice vintage skins and plenty of upgradable parts.

This new version has the skin work of Sliipais and the fixes done by AlexeyP. The skins are the major change in the latest iteration of this Cabover classic. Instead of shiny 1970’s schemes you get worn-out company colors. Corrosion is everywhere to be seen! Now a driver can buy a ‘used’ truck – perhaps as a long-term restoration project?

Although the original vintage skins are not included in the mod, AlexeyP has made them available to download separately so I should be able to replicate Autumn Gal’s original appearance in the future. But for now Autumn Gal is running around as an ex-USF Reddaway vehicle. I may even buy another FLB in a different company’s colors!

Here she is in her current care-worn state…

Details of this mod with credits plus download link.