1. Thank you. Having been bequeathed a Sony Cyber Shot by aforementioned BIL on his last visit here, I am trying to get the hang of the electronic zoom which is crazy powerful!

      2. Tell me about it! And the shutter lag …
        Unless the subject is practically motionless the resulting image is never quite what is focused on.

      3. I think you’re going to need good a good old-fashioned glass zoom on your Canon to get around that issue 😉 But the cybershot is doing a great job of getting you into bird photography 🙂

      4. I agree. I still have my old OM10 and a Tokina 200mm but, seriously, who wants … or can afford ”old style” any more?

      5. Unfortunately it’s a expensive game now. I’m lucky that I have built up a collection of lenses and cameras for my hobby over the last few years – I certainly don’t think I will be upgrading again when I retire.

        I need old style in the Canon 7D and 70-200mm lens for my football photography and I prefer to use the 5D with sigma lenses for my transport work. Last camera bought is the Fuji X-Pro2 for general days out and holidays. I’m lucky I have been in a position to afford these.

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